Why We Are Starting The SEO For Ecommerce Agency


After years of being e-commerce operators, we’ve discovered one thing.

Paid traffic is brutal.

You spend hours crafting the perfect ad, bidding on keywords and even managing campaigns.

But alas, when it comes time to sell your product, it seems like Facebook, Tiktok, or Google are the ones who take most of the profit.

We wanted to change that.

Who are we:

We are a team of US-based ecommerce operators who have turned toward SEO to growing our brands.

We’ve developed a playbook to scale Shopify stores with proper SEO techniques such as creating original content and building backlink authority.

Why Build An Agency?

After having countless conversations with other e-com operators, it’s clear that the way people are buying has changed.

Post IOS-14 world, the days of throwing together a FB ad and profiting are gone.

We want to help brands diversify their revenue channels.

And that begins by tapping into the billions of Google searches of customers already looking for your product.

Want to learn more?

We perform FREE SEO audits for Shopify brands doing 500k+ annually, if that sounds like something that you’d be into, feel free to grab a time for your SEO audit here.