B2B SAAS SEO Case Study - Gaining Market Share in the Competitive B2B Financial SAAS Market


You might be able to imagine that the amount of people searching for content around B2B Financial Services isn’t huge. But the good news is everyone searching for it IS a potential customer.

This is why B2B SEO is as important as it gets.

Unless you’re Intuit, NetSuite, Adobe, or a handful of other billion dollar + enterprises you can’t afford to do traditional social ads. 

That’s where SEO comes in.

B2B is great for SEO because your customers are used to searching for what they need.

Looking for suppliers for a new product? What’s the first thing you do?

Go to Google and search for Suppliers.

Same goes for nearly all B2B businesses.

CLIENT Overview:

In June 2023 a B2B Financial SAAS company came to us looking to get started with SAAS ahead of their planned launch in Jan 2024.

At the time they had a website and a handful of unoptimized blogs getting them a whopping 0 visitors a month in traffic.

Fast forward 6 months and they were getting over 2000 visitors a month before they even launched.

The kicker, all this traffic is landing on specific landing pages optimized for conversions or specific articles only their potential customers would be searching for. 

B2B SAAS Is Competitive

When your competitor is Intuit Quickbooks and NetSuite you know you have your work cut out getting market share.


Carve out market share from the big guys. Ensuring we have the right potential customers landing on the website come launch time. 

6 Month Sprint was the goal and then reorganize when it was launch time.


Our client wanted us to make as much progress as possible over 6 months knowing that starting at a DR of 0 and 0 organic traffic things weren’t going to change overnight. 

How Much Opportunity

  • The company created this SAAS because they saw a hole in the market.
  • Our goal was to find a way to get the right potential customers aware of this hole.

Baseline Traffic & Authority

Before we started, the website was getting 0 visitors / Mo.

They had a DR (Domain Rating) of 0.

The Process:


At the beginning of every project, we define which products and keywords we are targeting with the client.

This time was no different.

We started by digging deep into keyword research to find the hidden gems.

You know, the ones the big guys weren’t focusing on.

In this niche with such big competitors, nearly every keyword was competitive, but we analyzed them and saw where their content was weak.

That’s where we’d attack.

Our two-step approach to keyword research:

  1. Identifying low hanging fruit keywords. We hunted down keywords with potential to rank high in 6 months.

  2. Selecting keywords with the most impact: We zeroed in on keywords that would skyrocket our client’s organic traffic and sales but would take a bit more time.

More bang for their buck, that’s what we were after. 


 When it comes to B2B Financial SAAS everyone is building backlinks.

But, most of them aren’t building high quality backlinks.

So we built 10-20 niche-specific backlinks per month. A few for each targeted keyword. This is something other SEO agencies don’t do but is hugely important.

Why niche-specific?

Google loves when backlinks are relevant to your industry and products. The more relevant, the better.

Our four-step approach to backlink building:

  1. Building niche-specific backlinks: We made sure the backlinks we built were relevant to the client’s financial product.

    We continuously make sure that there’s even if it’s a financial website, that it’s not poor quality.

    Even if it’s an finance blog, it shouldn’t have links to crypto or casino sites for example.

    That way, Google would give them the thumbs up.

  2. Domain Authority – Once we confirm the website is high quality and niche specific we check it’s metrics. We look for a DR of 30+ as the minimum. 

  3. Website Organic Traffic – We check that the organic traffic for the website is a minimum of 1000+ / Mo and we only look at US traffic.
  4. Page Specific Traffic – Lastly, we we do that none of our competitors are doing right now is the trick. We ensure every single link insert we build is going on a page that currently gets traffic. We believe if Google values the content enough to send traffic to it, then Google will value a backlink that’s on it. The good news, it works.


In only 6 months we are ranking them on the 1st page of Google for their #1 commercial keyword. 

This is an extremely competitive keyword that only a qualified customer would be searching. AKA a Money Printing Keyword.

The Domain Ratings of the other companies are as follows:

  1. DR: 85
  2. DR: 90
  3. DR: 84
  4. DR: 89
  5. DR: 92
  6. DR: 56
  7. DR: 31 (Our Client)
  8. DR: 56
  9. DR: 92

Ranking in Competitive SERP

SERP Ranking positions for SAS Keyword


Google search console graph showing the last 28 days of traffic to a sas website

In just 10 months of work, we managed to add over 16,000 visitors to their website.

The last month alone was over 4k and you can imagine every week is getting all-time highs for traffic.

Not only did they see a huge jump in organic traffic, but their Domain Rating went from 0 – 31 in just 6 months.

The result? Ranking for new keywords is getting easier and easier by the day.

Keywords ranking

Lessons learned and tips for success:

Want to crush it in the world of SEO?

Here are some lessons we learned along the way and some tips for success before you head off.


Big corporations might make up most of the search engine rankings, but there’s still room for small businesses like yours.

The trick? Zero in on niche keywords and create quality content.

By optimizing your website, you’ll attract a bigger audience and boost your sales.

Ranking #1? Cool, but it’s not the only goal


Sure, being #1 on Google for a top keyword means big traffic, but there’s plenty of love for lower-ranking results too.

In fact, the top three search results get most of the clicks, but even ranking in the top 7 can bring in consistent revenue.

Billions of searches

Google processes billions of searches every day.

That’s a whole lot of chances for your small business to get discovered.

By optimizing your website, you’ll tap into this huge audience and grow your business.

A Targeted SEO Strategy

Want to crush it with SEO? You need a well-planned, targeted strategy.

Focus on the right keywords, create high-quality content, and build solid backlinks.

By following these tips and using the strategies outlined in this case study, you will:

  • Grow your small business
  • Increase your organic traffic
  • Diversify your revenue streams

Remember, you don’t need to rank #1 on Google to be successful with SEO – there are plenty of opportunities for businesses that focus on the right keywords, create high-quality content, and build strong backlink profiles.

Are you interested in seeing what an seo campaign can do for your brand?

If you’re ready to turn your website into a traffic generating asset, let’s schedule a time to talk.