“It’s gone nowhere but up, and it’s been going up every single month since we launched”

 – Kyle McNamara, Sr. Manager, Tech Platforms & Capabilities at Catchmaster.com

Catchmaster, a leading pest control solutions provider, faced significant challenges in optimizing their website for better search engine visibility. Before partnering with SEOforEcommerce.com, Catchmaster had engaged with two SEO agencies, neither of which delivered satisfactory results.

In December 2023, Catchmaster decided to take the chance and hire SEOforEcommerce.com to overhaul their SEO strategy with a focus on profitability from day 1.

They would not regret this decision.

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Kyle McNamara

Sr. Manager, Tech Platforms & Capabilities at Catchmaster.com

Catchmaster is a household name when it comes to pest control, they are available at Walmart, Home Depot, Kroger and more big box retail stores, but they never focused on getting sales on their own website.

Kyle McNamara (Our Main Contact) who is in charge of the entire Catchmaster website is on a mission to change that. Kyle knew SEO was going to play a big role in the success of the Catchmaster website.

Kyle being familiar in SEO knew the opportunity was best seized by a top tier SEO agency, but had trouble finding one originally. But with us the old saying “The 3rd times the charm” reigns true. 

Project Overview:

catchmaster home page traffic growth graph

Today Catchmaster is getting 13k clicks a month to their Fly Traps collection page.

Our Approach

#1 Technical Optimization

  • Conducted a comprehensive Technical Audit to identify and rectify any technical SEO issues.
    • Optimized URLs
    • Compressed Images
    • Fixed Duplicate Content
    • Keyword Research

#2 Strategy Planning

  • Working with Kyle we strategized what pages we wanted to focus on first. We decided on Fly Traps, due to the pest calendar having Flies as the first pest of the year.
    • Created a Content Calendar
    • Built out the Backlink Calendar

#3 Execution

  • Collection Optimization:
    • Added SEO optimized detailed collection descriptions to each collection. It’s important to ensure they are below the products to not hurt user experience.
    • Adding FAQs for each individual collection page.
    • Heavily focusing on the fly traps collection, making it visually appealing and SEO-friendly. 
catchmaster home page traffic growth graph
  • Content Creation:
    • It’s incredibly important to write high quality blogs to build authority in ecommerce and internally link them to your collection pages.
  • Backlink Building
    • We built our signature high quality backlinks to their collection page, home page, and to the blogs that internally link to the collection page. 

Maximizing Results

Kyle mentioned he wanted to be on the cutting edge of SEO and to try pushing our limits to see what results we could get.

Luckily for Catchmaster we have just the thing.

“SEO Optimized Sales Landing Pages” Try saying that 3 times fast

Now these landing pages are something we came out with ourselves and haven’t seen other agencies using them.

We use these landing pages to target very specific keywords.

The trick is they are a hybrid between an informational piece of content and a collection page.

We created a page called “Best Fly Traps for Indoors”.

I know what you’re thinking, won’t this cannibalize the collection page?

Not if done perfectly, like we did.

Check out the SERPs for many indoor fly traps keywords and you’ll notice Catchmaster ranks BOTH their collection and sales page.

Their “Best Best Fly Traps for Indoors” landing page is getting 6k clicks / Mo

Ahrefs graph showing traffic to a sales page

Going Forward

While we are only 6 months into working with Catchmaster, and have already made SEO a profitable revenue channel. (Including our retainer)

We are just getting started

We are now focusing on the next pest on the pest calendar and are getting to work on it now!

Watch the Catchmaster Video Testimonial

Kyle McNamara

Sr. Manager, Tech Platforms & Capabilities at Catchmaster.com

Are you interested in seeing if we can get you results like we got Catchmaster?

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