Why SEO Is So Important for B2B

Google search console dashboard for B2B Business

B2B advertising is hard. You can’t expect to open up a Facebook / Meta ads account and run ads and find your first 100 customers. It’s just not realistic.

Do some reverse engineering – if you were looking for a supplier for a product or service. What would you do?

Likely head right to Google and do a simple search right?

You’re not alone.

Whether you’re a:

  • Retail store looking for a new supplier of jeans.
  • A jean factory looking for a new supplier of denim.
  • A health care clinic looking for a new medical equipment supplier. 

The search always starts on Google

There’s tens of thousands of use cases, but they nearly all lead to ranking on Google.

Here’s another example.

You own a sports bar and want to start selling pitchers or beer towers to increase your AOV. What’s the first thing you do?

Google “Wholesale beer towers”

And you’ll see nearly all the top results sell the same products. You’ll go with one of them and order it in 5 minutes. You’ll likely buy 1-20 of them. At a $125 each that’s a $1,250-$2,500 order.

Now look at the SERPs for that keyword.

Domain Ratings in Order As Shown on Google:

  1. DR: 6
  2. DR: 32
  3. DR: 33
  4. DR: 2
  5. DR: 92 (AliBaba – I wouldn’t expect they have a high conversion for this)
  6. DR: 2
  7. DR: 24
  8. DR: 32
  9. DR: 92 (AliExpress – I wouldn’t expect they have a high conversion for this)
  10. DR: 83
The top 10 results on Google for the keyword "Wholesale beer towers"

Not very competitive if you ask me…

If there’s a DR 6 in the top spot without an exact match domain that means these SERPs are ripe for disruption.

That’s low hanging fruit for any company – especially if they have SEO knowhow.

This is why I love SEO for B2B companies.

Unless you have the wallet size of Adobe, Netsuite, or another Billion dollar company you aren’t going to be able to market using traditional paid media, it’s just too expensive.

But ranking on Google is something you can do.

**Especially** if you sell anything niche.

And in my experience B2B is sometimes not even competitive. Guess how many gym suppliers I found. Like 10 total. Going through 5 pages of Google.

You can control your own destiny with SEO.

Bonus* you can even create a moat if done correctly.

SEO takes time, so that means the next new competitor can’t come in and take your rankings overnight. With paid ads they just need funding and boom, they raised you CPA and maybe took all your new customers before you even know what happened.

I’m passionate about helping businesses rank on Google.

And I don’t only work with B2B, the other day a local kayak rental shop owner told me his entire business is from organic traffic. He runs no ads, does no social media. And makes a living renting kayaks on repeat all with organic traffic.

Pretty awesome if you ask me.